Filtagreen® now offers the global equipment industry’s only total solution in maximum Eco Energy Efficiency. Our proven systematic methodology embraces a rigorous front end analysis of each equipment operation. Filtagreen®‘s highly trained Project Engineers develop the optimal program design that optimizes desired results for each unique project.

Every project enjoys dramatic boosts in equipment efficiency, economy, and bottom-line profits, and also benefits from extended equipment longevity and availability at all times. As part of this proven process, we recommend utilization of one or both of our following complementary cutting-edge solutions.

Introducing Filtagreen®’s Products!


EFFICIAMAX® Fuel Treatment is an engine fuel package that increases mileage and decreases combustible carbon residue from 25 to 60 %. It is super concentrated: 1 oz treats 80 gallons of fuel.

Nano Product 350X197

EFFICIAMAX® NANO Metal Surface Modifier is a patented molecular technology that modifies the surface of the metal, thereby increasing engine life, reducing fuel consumption, and lowering harmful exhaust emissions.


FILTAMAX By-Pass filtration system filters out more than 99% of contaminants, extending oil change intervals, thereby resulting in up to 80% less oil consumption and related costs.


The FILTAMAX PreKleen is a centrifugal air pre-cleaner that removes dust and contaminants that cause air intake resistance before making it to the OEM air filter. With less intake resistance, the engine operates more efficiently, thus using less fuel.

Separ Product 350X197

The Separ Fuel Filter is a 5-stage centrifugal system that removes particulate matter down to 10 microns and 100% of the water in your fuel, protecting fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and nozzles.

EFFICIAMAX® Ten-35 Fuel Treatment

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EFFICIAMAX® Fuel Treatment

“In holding positions from Director to President in global aerospace and marine companies for 30 years, I was delighted to discover Efficiamax® Fuel Treatment. I successfully introduced it to NASA for utilization in the Space Shuttle Missions.”

It’s usage delivered colossal reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance, downtime and harmful emissions! Today, all of my equipment fleets use it to boost bottom-line profits—in an eco-friendly manner!” 

– Ken A. Hopen, Founder & CEO of Hopen & Associates, Inc. Global Pioneer in Aerospace & Marine Industries

Efficiamax®Ten-35 fuel treatment is a combustion catalyst that gives your engine greater fuel efficiency. Efficiamax® decreases combustible carbon residue by providing a more complete burn. More efficient combustion yields to more useful power per gallon of fuel.

Efficiamax® Ten-35 is the ONLY fuel treatment in the world that reduces soot and smoke and other harmful emissions a guaranteed 40%, and in many cases much higher. Efficiamax® reduces the harmful emissions that damage the environment.


Most diesel engines are electronically controlled and designed to produce lower harmful emissions and a higher horsepower per displacement ratio. Consequently, they require a higher quality fuel to achieve this. High quality fuel is not consistently available. In addition, fuel containing water and particulate contamination will damage the newer cut-engineelectronically controlled fuel components reducing the reliability and longevity of newer engines.

These problems are intensified by the latest trend of mandated biofuel implementation. Government-mandated biodiesel fuel has less BTU energy per gallon than regular diesel fuel. Many countries have increased the percentage of biofuel in biodiesel to enforce renewable energy policies. The greater the percentage of biodiesel in the fuel, the more risk industry is forced to confront. Because of biofuels, engines today are faced with a higher water tendency, lower fuel efficiency, and fuel degradation.

One of the most viable solutions to these problems is the application of Efficiamax® fuel treatment. Efficiamax® fuel treatment minimizes the risks associated with the above-mentioned current fuel problems.

Efficiamax® Ten-35 fuel treatment is a fuel combustion catalyst that contains a water demulsifier, polymerization retardant, oxidation stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor, detergent and dispersant.


Efficiamax® Ten-35 fuel treatment contains organo-metallic compounds, as well as other materials, that optimize the combustion process by creating a more efficient use of fuel. The treatment is engineered to lower the ignition point of fuel and provide a longer residence time for the combustion process.


By lowering the ignition point, Efficiamax® Ten-35 fuel treatment optimizes the combustion process of hydrocarbon-based fuels, minimizing carbon deposits, soot, smoke and particulate matter. This results in less carbon and smoke emitted from exhausts due to unburned fuel, which helps protect the environment. Efficiamax® improves the burn rate by lowering the ignition point. This in turn burns lower-end BTUs in the fuel that are normally expelled out of the exhaust.


demusifierEfficiamax® Ten-35 completely separates fuel from water, thus reducing injector and fuel pump failure.


Fuel naturally begins to break down as soon as it is refined, eventually returning to its original state as crude oil. This polymerization process starts to form submicron-sized particles. As the process continues, particles become larger and eventually agglomerate, forming macroscopic sludge. These particles can score injectors and eventually plug filters and injectors, and over long periods of time, render the fuel unpumpable. Efficiamax® disperses existing macroscopic sludge and retards further polymerization, permitting fuel to burn more efficiently.



Biodiesel is prone to oxidation. When biodiesel oxidizes, insoluble by-products are created that cause injector deposits. These deposits can slow response or cause sticking of moving internal parts and lead to injector failure. Efficiamax® contains a dispersant that stabilizes fuels, thereby preventing oxidation.


Efficiamax® Ten-35 contains a corrosion inhibitor to mitigate internal tank corrosion and a detergent to help keep lines, filters, and injectors clean. This results in increased efficiency and less maintenance for your engine.



Efficiamax® Ten-35 keeps fuel system components clean and within design tolerances for precise fuel delivery to the combustion chamber.



Efficiamax® Ten-35 fuel treatment is designed to be an overall and COMPLETE solution for the fuel problems of today. Efficiamax® fuel treatment can be added to fuel kept in storage tanks or added directly into your vehicles, boats, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles, chainsaws, and any Two-stroke engine.


Carbon Mass Balance testing can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of Efficiamax® Ten-35. The Carbon Mass Balance test measures carbon leaving the engine in the form of exhaust. The only source of carbon the engine has is its fuel. Mass cannot be created or destroyed; so the amount of fuel entering the engine can be determined. If the amount of fuel used is reduced under a given load, the effectiveness of a fuel treatment can be measured. This procedure is ideal for determining whether the addition of a fuel treatment has any effect on fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions that pollute the environment.

Carbon Mass Balance Test results of Efficiamax® Ten-35 show that harmful emissions are significantly lower.


EFFICIAMAX® Ten-35’s interaction with fuel can be explained using a chemical formula.

The basic principles behind the benefits and catalytic effects of EFFICIAMAX® Ten-35 are easy to understand. Today’s engines leave some amount of fuel unburned on each piston stroke. EFFICIAMAX® Ten-35 makes it easier for your engine to burn more of the fuel in the cylinder. Since more of the fuel is being burned, more power is being generated. Since less of the fuel is being wasted, you will have fewer emissions and better economy which saves money.


An engine converts fuel into energy by the following chemical processes:

CxHy + O2 → ( CO2 + H2O ) + ( CO + HC + C ) + ΔH

The ΔH is known in chemistry as enthalpy and represents the energy created from the thermodynamic process taking place inside an engine. The CxHy represents the fuel, for example gasoline is C8H18 and diesel is C12H26. The CO2, H2O, CO, HC, and C on the right side of the arrow represent products that are released in the engine exhaust.

There are no exothermic (i.e. energy producing) reactions that could yield more energy out of the CO2 or H2O, so we’ve grouped those components together in the equation above. However, there are exothermic reactions that can extract additional energy from the second group: the CO, HC, and C.

When EFFICIAMAX® Ten-35 is introduced into the engine; it acts as a catalyst and lowers the activation energy needed to further break down the unburned products in the above reactions. Specifically, when EFFICIAMAX® Ten-35 is used the following additional chemical processes take place in the engine:

CO + O2 → CO2 + ΔH

HC + O2 → CO2 + H2O + ΔH

C + O2 → CO2 + ΔH

The ΔH’s in the three above equations are how EFFICIAMAX® Ten-35 increases your engine’s output. These ΔH’s add to the ΔH produced by the engine’s standard process to deliver more output energy from the engine. This extra energy can be used to either increase engine output power (if the amount of fuel input is kept constant) or reduce the engine’s fuel intake (if the amount of output power is kept constant).

EFFICIAMAX® NANO Metal Surface Modifier

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EFFICIAMAX® NANO Metal Surface Modifier FAQ

Nano Fuel Additive


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Efficiamax® NANO Metal Surface Modifier is an innovative metal treatment application. Nano-sized particles bond with ferrous metal surfaces, which minimizes engine and component friction. This unique patented formula has proven to extend the ability and longevity of oil in protecting engines and components, while increasing fuel efficiency.

Efficiamax® NANO Metal Surface Modifier is not an oil additive. Its unique and patented molecular technology was developed to provide long lasting protection from wear and corrosion and provide superior lubrication and protection under high-friction and high-heat conditions within engines, gearboxes, and drivetrains. Treat your engine just once a year, and the unique chemical compound of Efficiamax® NANO preforms structural modifications of the metal surfaces within your engine, enabling it to withstand extreme friction while maintaining flexibility. It is delivered to the metal surfaces of the engine by way of the oil, just like medicine is delivered to the body through the blood. You can think of the Efficiamax® NANO as a vaccine for your engine.


Efficiamax® NANO Metal Surface Modifier utilizes the engine lubrication system to deliver its nano- sized particles directly to the engine components. One gram of Efficiamax® NANO treats 4 quarts of engine oil.


The NANO binds chemically (from 3 up to 200 operating hours) with any friction points or points of contact between metal surfaces containing Fe and Fe-alloy that operate at 300 degrees Celsius or greater. In this way, it modifies the metal surface structure into a new metal hexagonal crystal lattice.

(See Figures 1 & 2.)


Efficiamax® NANO particles are released into the oil

nano1Efficiamax® NANO particles

Efficiamax® NANO interacts with metal surface.

nano2Efficiamax® NANO particles start to bond with the metal surface.

A new layer is formed with a lower Coefficient of Friction.

nano3 The interaction between Efficiamax® NANO particles and the metal surface form a new metal hexagonal crystal lattice structure.


Micro Hardness

The hardness of the friction surfaces clearly has a significant impact on durability. Laboratory tests show a 500% increase in the metal surface’s hardness after being treated with Efficiamax® NANO Metal Surface Modifier.

Reduced Coefficient of Friction


Removing the surface roughness significantly reduces the Coefficient of Friction (CoF) of metal- on-metal abrasion. The data from laboratory testing showed a reduction in CoF from 0.014 to 0.003 after the treatment of Efficiamax® NANO Metal Surface Modifier.



 Laboratory testing using Falex Pin and the VEE Friction Test (ASTM D2714 – 94 and ASTM D5707-11).



PamaPersada-GroupThis machine is a 1100 HP diesel engine. After the Efficiamax® NANO Metal Surface Modifier application, the engines operated for 4326 & 4336 hours, with extended oil-drain intervals of 1500 hours; a normal interval is every 250 hours. Based on linear dimension calculations, no liner wear occurred after running 4326 & 4336 hours!


  • Reduction in oil consumption due to reduced oil burn
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs due to increased equipment lifetime
  • Reduction of harmful exhaust gases
  • Increased engine output


Essentially, Efficiamax® NANO Metal Surface Modifier can be added to all sizes of engines, manual transmissions, hydraulic systems, differentials, and gearboxes. It works best where friction reduction is needed and heavy loads exist.

(Not For Use In Automatic Transmissions.)


  • Bring to operating temperature.
  • Pour Efficiamax® NANO Metal Surface Modifier
  • Operate under normal conditions for a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Repeat yearly.

FILTAMAX By-Pass Filter

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FILTAMAX By-Pass Filter


The Filtamax By-Pass filtration system reduces oil waste, and can safely extend or even eliminate routine oil change intervals.

Filtamax By-Pass Oil Filter is an ultra-fine, One-micron By-Pass filtration system, suitable for use with a wide range of equipment in various industries. It provides the best possible filtration protection against water, system wear, oil degradation, contaminants, rust, and corrosion.

Working in conjunction with the equipment’s full-flow filter, Filtamax By-Pass Oil Filter eliminates damaging wear caused by particles that normally pass through the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) filter. Filtamax By-Pass Oil Filter substantially reduces corrosive acid buildup that forms in engine oils under normal engine use.


Filtamax By-Pass Oil Filter works in conjunction with the main full flow filter by directing 4 to 6 quarts per minute of oil from the lube system into the Filtamax canister. This reduced flow filters the oil down to 1 micron as it passes through the patented filter cartridge.




Particles from 3 microns and larger cause wear in equipment. These particles cause a buildup of soot and contaminants that thicken the oil and cause excess heat, efficiency loss, and wear. One-micron filtration removes these wear-causing particles that the main OEM full flow filter misses.


By removing the ultra fine contaminants, Filtamax extends the life of the full flow filter and the detergent additives in the oil. This lengthens the interval between oil drains.


Filtamax oil cartridges are made of a dense cellulose fiber-based tissue of pure timber pulp, which has a significantly increased surface area when compared to the standard OEM filter. The increased surface area and high absorbency factor of the filter cartridge allows for the removal of 99.9% of water content. Water is responsible for the creation of acid buildup. Its removal extends the life of the oil additives designed to neutralize acid in the oil, further extending oil life.




  • Powder-coated aluminum body Quick and easy cartridge change & removal
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Wide variety of fittings for hose connections




  • Cellulose fiber-based tissue of pure pulp
  • Flow rate: 4-6 quarts per minute
  • Oil viscosity range: 9 to 220 cSt


The majority of failures of hydraulic systems are caused, not by design flaws, but by contaminants, water, or lubricant degradation. New hydraulic oil has a certain level of particle contamination already present.

When oil is added to the system, further contamination can occur through particle ingression from seals and hoses. Air can also carry moisture and small particles into the system during operation. Using the Filtamax Hydraulic Filter, all of these contaminants are filtered out, keeping the oil continuously clean.


The hydraulic filter contains a manifold that protects the filter housing from pressures up to 5000 psi


This graph displays a series of tests done on Filtamax By-Pass Filters by an independent certified lab in Kent, Washington. Notice the reduction of the ISO particle count of 22/20 to 7/0 after just 4 hours.


note: you may click to enlarge images



According to testing done by Caterpillar, oil filtered at 5 microns increases engine life up to 5 times, and increases hydraulic system life up to 50 times. Imagine what you can achieve with a one-micron filtration system.



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We were the original Filtakleen distributors throughout the world. We can supply you with all of your Filtakleen product needs.





Filtamax PreKleen is a centrifugal air pre- cleaner designed to pre-clean the intake air of your machinery, thus extending your air filter life. Filtamax PreKleen is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and a non-rusting aluminum. It comes with a lifetime warranty, providing durable and long-lasting protection for your engines.

Filtamax PreKleen comes in different sizes that can handle a wide range of air intake flow rates (50 to 1600 C.F.M.). FiltamaxTM PreKleen is also lightweight and the smallest stainless steel pre-filter solution on the market, allowing it to be fitted to a wide range of equipment.



Without Filtamax PreKleen, dust and contaminants from the air are captured in your equipment’s air filter. In a dirty environment, these particles fill the air filter to capacity in a short amount of time, thereby requiring air filter replacement in order for your equipment to perform properly.

The installation of the Filtamax PreKleen helps to resolve this problem. Once the Filtamax PreKleen is installed, it removes contaminants from the air intake before they make it to the air filter. This extends the filter life by removing most particles that cause air intake resistance when caught in the filter. With less intake resistance, the engine operates more efficiently, thus using less fuel.

Less dirt in the filter and fewer filter changes means less chance for dirt to enter the engine.

Less restriction and cleaner air allows the engine to work more efficiently, leading to less wear and tear on the engine. When the engine lasts longer, your bottom-line profit is increased.


Phase-PhotoFiltamax PreKleen is a pre-filter innovation utilizing a centrifugal airflow design to remove dirt and dust particles from the air intake stream prior to reaching the original OEM air filter. This equates to less filter changes, less equipment downtime, longer engine life, and better fuel efficiency.

Phase 1 Dirty air enters the FiltamaxTM PreKleen secured to your equipment’s air intake.
Phase 2 Specially-designed vanes, curved and angled to precisely direct airflow, move the dirty air toward the stainless steel impeller.
Phase 3 The dynamically balanced, one-piece impeller (PreKleen’s only moving part) creates a tornado inside of the housing.
Phase 4 The centrifugal force of the tornado expels the heavier-than-air dirt particles, chaff, dust, snow, rain, and etc. out of the discharge louver.
Phase 5 Cleaned air enters the engine intake pipe, and the filter element has only the very light particles to remove.


• Curved and angled vanes that direct the airflow and maximize cleaning efficiency.
• Tough, non-rusting, stainless steel and aluminum construction.
• Available in eight different sizes to cover your clean air requirements, from 50 to 1600 C.F.M.
• Totally maintenance-free operation.
• Easy Installation at any angle, even inverted, in just minutes.
• Compatible with all air filter systems.
• Lightweight/low profile design.
• Full lifetime warranty on the entire Filtamax PreKleen unit.



  • High efficiency, low air restriction, maintenance free, and simple installation.
  • Increased engine life.
  • Extended air filter life and reduced operating costs.




For 4-cycle engines, the C.F.M can be determined by using the formula below:


C.I.D. – Cubic Inch Displacement
R.P.M. – Revolutions Per Minute
Vol. Eff. – Volumetric Efficiency

C.I.D. – Cubic Inch Displacement
R.P.M. – Revolutions Per Minute
Vol. Eff. – Volumetric Efficiency



Diesel Naturally Aspirated…………….. = .85
Turbocharged………………………….. = 1.60
Turbocharged – Aftercooled…………. = 1.85
Turbo Intercooled………………………..= 1.95


Up to 2500 r.p.m…………………………… =.80
2500 to 3000 r.p.m………………………… =.75
3000 to 4000 r.p.m………………………… =.70

To convert Metric Displacements to Cubic Inch Displacement (C.I.D.) for use in the formulas, use the following conversion factors: Displacement in Cubic Centimeters x 0.06102= C.I.D.

Displacement in Liters x 61.02 = C.I.D.

Note: For engines equipped with twin air intake pipes, divide the engine C.F.M. by two and apply the proper FiltamaxTM Prekleen to each of the pipes.

Separ Fuel Filter

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Separ Filter FAQ



The Separ Filter is designed to separate water and filter particulate matter from the fuel by using a multistage centrifugal process. This filter serves as a key component of the Filtagreen® Proactive Maintenance Solution for diesel-powered equipment.


Separ Filter bodies are manufactured from high quality, non-corroding, aluminum alloy castings, heavy polycarbonate or metal bowls, and stainless steel hardware. Separ Filters are designed to function under extreme environmental conditions.


Low-quality fuel has inferior combustion qualities and produces high emissions. Negative results also include increased fuel consumption, lower power output, and increased fuel system failure. These conditions negatively affect business operations and have a detrimental effect on the environment.

Diesel engines today require high-quality fuel that is not always readily available. Most of the current fuel on the market contains water and particulate contamination. This damages fuel pumps and injectors and reduces the reliability and longevity of your engine.Samples

New-generation diesel engines require a higher standard of maintenance. Higher tolerances and electronic controls therefore require a high-quality fuel that is free from water and particulate matter. Installing a fuel filter that properly filters the fuel is essential.

A Separ Filter properly installed in your fuel system removes up to 99.9% of unwanted water and filters particulate contamination down to 10 microns. With a five-stage filtration system and one of the lowest restriction pressures on the market, the problems mentioned above are solved.

A Separ Filter combines the benefits of centrifugal motion and the ability to back-flush the filter element, thus extending its life. By delivering cleaner fuel for much longer, the requirements of new-generation diesel engines are met.

  • 100% Water RemovalBottle
  • Multistage Centrifugal Design
  • Removes Particulate in Fuel
  • Compact Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Flow Restriction
  • Long Life of Filter Components
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Maintenance


CompetitorInnovative design, reduced overall size, easy installation, and one of the lowest pressure drops (Delta ‘P’) on the market, make the Separ Filter the only logical choice for your diesel-powered equipment. The Separ Filter is more compact than other filters on the market, allowing for faster and simpler installation.


The Separ Filter has a unique 5-stage fuel-conditioning process.

1st Stage

After entering the inlet(s), the first vein system spins the diesel fuel in a circular motion.

5stage_info2nd Stage

Still in circular motion, fuel reaches the bowl section where water and heavier particulates (down to 10 microns in size) are separated, eventually settling on the
bottom of the bowl.

3rd Stage

In this stage, a 2nd vein system forces the fuel to spin in the opposite direction, separating smaller water droplets and finer particles.

4th Stage

Just below the element, the flow area of the filter increases significantly. This reduces the fuel flow rate, allowing more contaminants to drop out and settle into the bowl.

5th Stage

Final filtration of the remaining particulates in the fuel is accomplished when the fuel passes through the replaceable filter element. The filter elements are produced from a special filter media and are available in pore sizes of 10, 30, and 60 microns.


Separ Filters are available with various flow rates that cover applications from 1 to 70 gal/min, thereby providing filtration for engines ranging from 5 to 10,000 kW.




The filter elements are available in 10, 30, and 60 micron cartridges for various filtration applications.


Unlike other filters on the market, the Separ Filter configuration allows back-flushing of the filter element without its removal. This is accomplished by opening the bleed valve on top of the filter and then the drain valve. This allows the fuel above the filter element to flow backwards through the element, thereby dislodging debris.


Separ Filters are available for a wide range of engine sizes, including automotive vehicles, construction equipment, marine applications, stationary generators, and mining equipment. Some Separ Filters are available with a fuel- heating system add-on that is capable of heating fuel, a necessity when working in cold environments.