Why should a PreKleener be used on equipment?

NOTE: Studies indicate that it only takes 8 ounces of dirt to ruin an engine.

Filtagreen® Prekleener removes dirt particles before they get to your air filter. Mining, quarrying, and heavy construction equipment usually operate in very contaminated conditions. These are among the toughest environments on the planet for equipment. Regular air filters cannot cope with the amount of airborne contaminants and will max out the normal air filter very quickly, restricting its airflow and starving the engine of oxygen, thereby limiting its performance. In these conditions, the normal air filter can fail due to the suction from the engine needing to breathe, which allows contaminants to enter and cause a great deal of damage to the engine’s internal components.

Will the Prekleener extend the life of the normal air filter?

Yes it will, typically up to 3 times longer. This saves money and time while keeping the engine running cleaner and extending maintenance periods.

What type of equipment is the PreKleener normally used on?

Typically, it is used on heavy construction and mining equipment, where it is essential to remove heavy airborne particles before entering the main air filter. The Filtagreen® Prekleener fits most agricultural equipment including tractors and combines, as well as mining equipment, construction equipment, road maintenance equipment, logging equipment, generators, and more.

How does this PreKleener filter work?

  1. Dirty air enters the Filtagreen® PreKleener, which is clamped onto your equipment air intake.
  2. Specially designed vanes direct the air flow, move the dirty air toward the stainless steel impeller.
  3. The impeller creates a tornado inside the PreKleener housing.
  4. The centrifugal force of the tornado expels the heavier-than-air dirt, dust, chaff, etc. out of the discharge louver.
  5. Cleaned air enters the engine intake pipe so the air filter element only has very light particles to remove.

How easy is it to fit the PreKleener?

A hump hose with various diameter reductions to fit the existing air cleaner is available and is easily secured using hose clamps.

How robust is the Prekleener?

Very robust, indeed it has a lifelong warranty attached to it. The only moving part is the impeller, which expels the dirt. If it ever wore out, we replace it free of charge.

How do I find out which size PreKleener to use?

Sizing Guidelines For FILTAMAX PreKleen Filters:

The air intake inlet pipe size is NOT the determining factor for choosing a pre-cleaner. Pre-cleaners must operate at a certain RPM to be effective. Therefore, the pre-cleaner must be sized to the engine. Within our on-line parts catalog in the pre-cleaner model pages, use the automatic CFM calculator to determine the proper size pre-cleaner for our application. Or you may use the formula guides (Click Here) to make the CFM calculations yourself.

For a complete list of Filtamax PreKleen models, dimensions and CFM Ranges (CLICK HERE) for our AFTERMARKET PARTS CATALOG


For a complete list of Filtamax PreKleen models, dimensions and CFM Ranges (CLICK HERE) for our AFTERMARKET PARTS CATALOG.