Price Comparisons

Nothing Compares to Filtagreen’s Efficiamax!®

Fuel Additive Product Comparisons

ProductNumber of Ounces to Treat 80 Gallons of FuelYour Cost to Treat 80 Gallons of FuelYour Cost per Treated Gallon of Fuel 
Efficiamax®1 oz.$2.75$0.03
Clean Boost Maxx™3 oz.$4.33$0.05Comparison-Clean-Boost
Lucas Complete Fuel Treatment26 oz.$6.11$0.08Comparison-Lucas-
Star Tron13 oz.$12.49$0.16Comparison-Star-Tron
XFT Xtreme Fuel Treatment1 oz.$18.50$0.23Comparison-XFT
Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Extreme34 oz.$15.99$0.20Comparison-Hot-Shot's
STP Fuel Treatment48 oz.$19.96$0.25Comparison-STP
Valvoline Water Remover96 oz.$31.92$0.40Comparison-Valvoline
104 Octane Boost & Fuel System Cleaner51 oz.$32.00$0.40Comparison-104-octane
Seafoam Motor Treatment80 oz.$33.12$0.41Comparison-SeaFoam
Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive21 oz.$39.99$0.50Comparison-Stanadyne
1 Tank Power Renew60 oz.$60.00$0.85Comparison-1-Tank
Fuel Pro Complete48 oz.$67.96$1.50Comparison-Fuel-Pro
Max-Clean80 oz.$119.96$0.75Comparison-Max-Clean