Non Paid Testimonial From Harry Elias – Las Vegas


Testimonial from Harry Elias – Las Vegas

This message is for anyone out there that has yet to try Filtagreen® products for your car. I have a 11 year old Isuzu Ascender with 177,000 miles on it. I have been using Filtagreen’s® gas additive Efficiamax® for about 1 1/2 years, and I also use Filtagreen’s® Nano which is a once a year oil treatment that is simply added to your oil change and then you drive your car for 3 hours to allow it to seal within your engine walls which really helps engine compression and overall performance.
What I find most amazing about these products is how my maintenance costs have disappeared. I have not cleaned my injectors in over 2 years and I have not spent any money on engine maintenance in that time. The performance of my vehicle is better now then when the car was new! The money I have saved from using these two products is unbelievable. Just thought I would let you all know!